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Screen Shots
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Screen Shots

Main BugZap screen, displaying the bug grid

In this view you can see all your bugs listed. Additional display filters can be set, to limit to certain search criteria.

The popup dialog for viewing and editing bug properties

In this view you can edit the Bug. The Text boxes support RTF Text editing. You can also edit user-defined fields for Type, Status, Owner, etc.

The complete change history for all bugs is recorded

Here you can actually see every change, which has been done for this bug recently, including time stamp, user and the performed action.

BugZap Chart report allows you to quickly view the state of your bug database

Reports can be generated by area, status, priority, severity, type, platform, owner, creator or keyword.

You can also generate MS WordTM reports from your bug databases

You can choose, what criteria you want to include in your report and change some advanced settings.
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