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As a defect and issue tracking system, BugZap allows you to do pretty much what any such system does:
  • Record and maintain defects and issues.
  • Assign properties to these defects and issues (such as issue's priority, severity, type, product or component where it has been detected, etc.) All properties are fully customizable (for example, you can decide what severity ratings you want to use for issues of a given project).
  • Search for issues using a simple but powerful Query Language. The BugZap search facilities go well beyond what is offered by existing defect and issue tracking systems.
  • Generate reports.
  • Exchange information with other applications via BugZap import and export facilities.
  • Restrict access to bug databases using a two-level user/role authentication scheme.
  • Subscribe to defects and issues in order to be automatically notified when their state changes.
In addition, BugZap provides several important features not commonly found in mainstream defect and issue tracking systems:
  • Support for embedded and virtual attachments. While most defect and issue tracking systems allow you to attach extra information to issues by providing a link to the corresponding document (such as URL for a document available on the Internet), BugZap recognizes that for some information the best place is embedded within a bug database itself (embedded attachments), while some important documents may not be available in electronic form at all (virtual attachments). The traditional by-link attachment is, naturally, still supported (as a so-called remote attachment).
  • For each issue, a complete change history is available. This allows reconstructing the complete state of a bug database at any particular point in the past as well as more traditional searches for specific events in a defect's or issue's past life.
  • The powerful collaboration feature, which allows ongoing issues to be discussed in thematic discussion boards. As all discussion boards are saved along with their bug database, this gives a unique opportunity to see not only how a specific defect or issue have evolved over time, but also why it did so evolve.

Detailed Feature List

YES Setup wizard
YES Easy to install client

YES No server installation needed

YES No database installation / configuration needed
Ease of Use 
YES Add issues with 1 mouse click
YES Free keyword search function
YES Easily create multiple databases for many projects

YES Drag&Drop files into Attachment Fields

User Interface
YES Windows (TM) based, easy to use UI
YES Easily accessible main functions through top menu icons
User Management
YES Manage users
YES Manage bug owners

YES Assign users to bug owners

Bug-Related Fields
YES User defined field values (Drop-Down)
YES Text fields allow RTF Input
YES Fast bug grouping by field
Field Ralationships
YES Defineable associations and relations between issues
YES Attachments embeded / remote or virtual
YES Add attachments per drag-and-drop
YES RTF Text support for embeded attachments
YES Drop-down field values can be defined to support your workflow
Bug Filters
YES Wizard aided filter engine
YES Save created bug filters
YES Classification reports (Bugs by type, severity, etc.)
YES Trend based reports (Time-based)
YES MS Word reports
Audit Trail
YES Detailed history for every issue
YES Snapshots feature time / user stamps and action performed
YES Ability to scroll through snapshots for a bug
YES Ability to delete history snapshots
YES Creation time & date timestamp for every issue

YES Create custom view profiles

YES Save / restore view profiles

YES Work with many view profiles simultaneously

Auto email notifications
YES Get notified when bug content changes
YES Notifications with detailed change description

YES Add / remove subscriptions to bugs to track changes

YES Define your own SMTP mail server for outgoing mail notifications
YES User / password protection for database files
YES Defineable database permissions
YES Defineable access rights (feature-based)
YES Disable accounts in database
YES Two-level user/role authentication scheme
YES Secure, proprietary database files
Other Features
YES Discussion boards
YES Component-based architecture
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