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Q. Is BugZap a multi-user tool?
A. By itself, BugZap is a single-user tool. However, it can be set up for shared access to bug databases for projects with multiple participants.
Q. How?
A. The simplest way is to put bug database files on a shared network drive. BugZap locks bug databases when they are open, so only one user will be able to have any given bug database open at a time.

Alternatively, you can place bug database files under version control and each user will then check out what bug databases he needs and check in modifications later on. When placing bug databases under version control, remember that they are binary (i.e. not text) files.

Q. I am not an administrator, so I cannot perform an installation of a new program on my machine. Can I still use BugZap?
A. Yes, you need BugZap Portable edition, which can be downloaded from here. After downloading, unZIP and run the Cybernetic.BugZap.Application.exe executable.

You can copy the extracted BugZap directory tree to another location of your choice and run it from there as long as you copy the entire BugZap directory tree without altering its structure. Using this technique, BugZap has been run in the past from external drives, USB sticks and even memory mice.

Note that BugZap does not use Windows Registry to store persistent settings, so you do not need to be a system administrator to use BugZap - only to install it.

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