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Welcome to BugZap

img BugZap is a Defect and Issue Tracking Tool for WindowsTM developed to assist in defect and issue tracking for small-to-medium size projects.

If you are an individual programmer or a small programming group, you might need a small, easy and yet powerful bug tracking solution. You dont need to look any further, try BugZap now.

While loaded with a multitude of powerful features , it is not these features that make BugZap unique among existing issue tracking systems. Instead, the main BugZap highlights are:

  • Small footprint - the minimum useable BugZap configuration requires 2.6MB of hard drive space and 64MB of memory. A Bug Tracking Tool doesn't have to be huge to offer you great functionality and ease of use.
  • Ease of installation - BugZap doesn't require complex installation procedures, including setting up servers for hours or long customization procedures. Instead, you can get it up and running in less than a minute, using a simple installer. All your bugs are stored in a safe container, a repository file.
  • Portable Version - BugZap can be taken on a memory stick anywhere along with the repository files containing the actual bugs. You can track your bugs, even if you are offline or working on somebody else's machine, which prohibits installations. Get it now!

IMPORTANT: Your computer must have Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework installed in order to run BugZap. If you don't have .NET 2.0 Framework installed yet, please get it here,
[2014-08-23 06:42:36] BugZap support for WIndows 7/8
  A minor change in BugZap ensures its compatibility with Windows 7/8/8.1 - you no longer need to run BugZyp in administrator or compatibility mode.

Your registration information obtained for the previous version of BugZap is still valid, but may need to be re-entered. Just start BugZap, choose the "Options/ENter registration info" menu command and re-enter your registration information.
[2009-01-21 16:31:40] Trends report is now available
  BugZap now offers a new "trends" report, which shows the complete history of a bug database by categories (i.e. status, area, etc.) with bug counts available for every day in the past.

In order to get the new functionality, all you have to do is to re-download and re-install BugZap. If you have already purchased BugZap, you do not have to do anything extra - the old registration code will work with the upgraded version.

We are dedicated to improving our product by adding more features to it. For now - enjoy this one.
[2009-01-14 22:29:26] BugZap has been updated
  New functionalities have been implemented into Bugzap.

1) drag-and-drop of files into the "Attachments" area of the "Edit Bug" dialog
2) You can "Copy" files from Windows Explorer and "Paste" them into the attachment field of a bug

Have fun with the new release!

Your BugZap team

P.S. Please notice that we explicitly don't want to increase the version number, as it is only done for major releases. You can always get only the current release on our website and through our download partners, which point to our website. People who would like to use pirated software won't have the assurance of having current software this way.

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